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Tianjin 14 Summer Davos Forum Hotel in acceleration to mention the service "

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2012 Summer Davos Forum held in Tianjin, will start in September during the forum, the 14 hotels in Tianjin will serve as the designated host hotel for the guests from various countries to provide services. Currently, 14 hotels are going all out to enhance the level and strive to provide the best quality services for the Forum guests.

14 reception hotels are: Sheraton Hotel, the Renaissance Tianjin Hotel, Westin, Nikko Hotels, St. Regis, Financial Street, Tangla, Astor Luxury Collection Hotel, Radisson The hotel, guest house, the Crystal Palace Hotel, Tianjin Geneva Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Jinbin wine, Golden Crown Hotel, South Meijiang international Club.

    At present, 14 hotels are basically five-star hotel or the hotel in accordance with five-star building, on the hardware facilities have the first class. Excellent hardware at the same time, each hotel is the "software" level to elevate the hotels are to strengthen staff skills training to enhance the level of frontline service personnel of foreign languages​​, including English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and many other language services to meet friends from all over the world the demand. At the same time, the implementation of security, food safety responsibility system, raise the level of network communication.

In addition, in order to allow all guests to leave a good impression in Tianjin, each hotel has prepared a unique service project, such as payment of, general manager of the letter to the guests, welcomed to stay at the guest, complimentary fruit or small souvenirs, providing free printing file business services, some of the hotel has also arranged for show Tianjin artistic essence of the show, guests stay through the hotel window to a deeper understanding of Tianjin, to enhance the image of the city of Tianjin, an international metropolis.
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